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  • Attention Rural School Nurses!

    Hello if you are a rural School Nurse, I hope you will take the time to complete this short survey. Please review the letter and click on the hyperlink: 

    I am the NASN Director from Oregon, and I have started a Rural School Nurse Focus Group; the preliminary purposes of a RSN Focus Group will be to share our experiences and support one another. We hope to discover what we know, determine what we need to know, and define needed research into the unique challenges to rural school nurse practice in the rural setting. Ultimately, we hope to describe (and research) effective supports for school nurses practicing in the rural setting.
    As a starting place, I am disseminating an initial survey about rural school nursing practice. When you get a chance, I would love for you to share the Rural School Nurse Focus Group survey with folks from all over Nebraska. In several states where much of school nursing is in rural areas, we have not yet received input.
    After some demographic information questions, the survey asks 7 open-ended questions which nurses may want to reflect upon before taking the survey.
    What does rural school nursing mean to you?
    What is the most important work that we should address?
    What are unique challenges to school nursing practice faced by nurses in rural settings?
    What are some supports you would like to see for rural school nurse practice?
    Do you have a story which exemplifies rural school nursing practice?
    What do you wish school nurse leadership hears about rural school nursing practice?
    Is there something else you would like to add that we have not asked?
    Thanks for supporting this effort by forwarding this email to nurses in your state! :)W


    Wendy Niskanen MEd, RN
    Oregon School Nurses' Association
    Oregon NASN Director
    OSNA Acting Executive Director
    Phone: 603-723-2708
    "... with time, small groups of individuals can create a positive change in the world." 
    Stephanie Van Dyke
    In event you are unable to find the hyperlink attaching a copy here: Rural School Nurse Focus Group Survey