Scholarship Purpose and Process

In alliance with the NASN philosophy of BSN as entry into practice, KSNO intends to improve school nursing by assisting registered nurses employed in schools to advance their education. Applications are subject to a ‘blind’ review by the Awards Committee with monetary award amounts to be determined by available money in scholarship account, but not less than $750.00. The following information is required to assist with the distribution of scholarship funds.

  • KSNO membership number
  • Employer Name
  • Letter of verification of enrollment at accredited institution for BSN/MSN program
  • Proposed plan of study and timeline for nursing degree/program completion
  • Total number of years of KSNO membership
  • Total number of years of service to KSNO as a officer/board member
  • Total number of years employed as a school nurse
  • Total number of semesters completed in BSN/MSN program
  • Written proof of a current RN license and a one-page paper citing “How this degree will benefit your school nursing practice” must be included with the application.

Application Deadline: April 15th

Contact KSNO to apply

Scholarship Winners

2022 Ruby Romero- Ulysses
2021 Jana Scripsick
2020 Sarah Gilliland
2019 Paula Bunde
2017 Sarah Gilliland
2016 Cathy Reynolds
2015 Cindi Teeder
2014 Paula Engelland