Website Policy

A. Overview

  1. The Kansas School Nurse Organization (KSNO) owns the website domain This domain name is registered through The C-Team in the State of Kansas, and the website is hosted by The C-Team in the State of Kansas. The website is a public information resource that gives a high level overview of the organizational mission, structure and operation.
  2. KSNO grants to website visitors limited license rights to view the contents of this website and to copy contents solely for personal use. The website is not to be used to engage in prohibited activity such as unauthorized copying or use of information. All contents appearing on the website are copyrighted with all right reserved by KSNO. This content has been approved through KSNO Operating Guidelines.

B. Links

  1. KSNO’s website includes electronic links to other various websites owned and operated by independent providers. These links are available for viewer convenience. KSNO has no responsibility for or control over, nor does KSNO endorse the contents of these links and disclaims any and all liability for and knowledge of their contents.
  2. KSNO shall use the following guidelines when linking to other websites and encourages reciprocal action. KSNO:
    • Will not replicate copyrighted content.
    • Will not create a frame environment around web page content.
    • Will not imply endorsement of the website or its products when creating a link.
    • Will not misrepresent the relationship between parties when creating a link.
    • Will not present false information about products or services when creating a link.
    • Will not use logos or trademarks without written permission.
    • Will not include content on our website that could be construed as distasteful, offensive or in disagreement with our mission.
    • Will strive for Americans with Disability Act compliance.

C. Advertisements

  1. The KSNO website will not be used to promote or advertise any for-profit goods or services.

Reviewed by Executive Board on 10/29/2016